Choosing an interpreter

Choosing interpreter in Ukraine

Russian interpreter in Ukraine

It is known that there is a need in the Ukrainian interpreter as well as in Russian interpreter when you visit Ukraine. For example, for Russian-speaking audience you need help of Russian interpreter, but when dealing with people who speak the Ukrainian language it’s better to use the services of Ukrainian interpreter.

Our Ukrainian interpreters and Russian interpreters have the skills of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpreting is the most common form of oral interpreting in practice. During consecutive interpreting, the Ukrainian interpreter is a direct participant in the negotiation process. For this purpose each of the negotiating parties makes a short pause, which is used to translate what he said to the other party.

Simultaneous translation is much more difficult and is mainly used for so-called focus groups, the audience is a group of people who speak different languages and Ukrainian interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker using special equipment, and the speaker doesn’t need to make pauses for the interpreter to perform the translation. This simultaneity of speech perception and the generation of interpretation is the main feature of simultaneous interpreting.

Therefore, to choose a top interpreter – it’s a serious and responsible task. During meetings and negotiations Ukrainian interpreter is limited in time that’s why our  professional interpreters in all cities of Ukraine where we work have high qualifications and experience.  English/Russian/Ukrainian interpreters from our translation agency also have long term collaboration with visa support agency so they are used to work with a serious documentation as well.

The company Go2UA whips up the most professional interpreters in Ukraine and qualified specialists with wide experience who have the necessary knowledge in various technical and economic spheres. For the clients’ convenience, Go2UA  can offer you  Ukrainian interpreter who is specializes in the most convenient topics and subjects in accordance with your request.


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