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Education: Interpreter – Masters degree, Certified guide.
Experience: Interpreting practice: since 2006 at the General Consulate of Greece in Odessa I worked as a personal assistant and interpreter/translator at the Department of Trade and Economic Affairs
Working as a personal interpreter / personal guide in Odessa with Business Travel Tourism and Translation agency Go2UA.

In 2010 I relocated to Thessaloniki (Greece) in order to obtain my Master`s degree at the International Hellenic University.

I used to work at Greek consulting companies as an interpreter in English and Greek languages translating to Russian / Ukrainian at many International exhibitions, business seminars and negotiations also as a personal assistant and interpreter during business meeting in Greece.

In 2012 I worked as an interpreter / translator for United Nations Development Programme office in Athens for three months before I moved back to Odessa.

Since 2012 I have been working as Ukrainian interpreter at international exhibitions, food fairs, business forums, B2B both as well as personal meetings in Kiev and in Odessa.

Since 2013 I obtained diploma of a certified tour guide at the Odessa Travel Agency and combine my interpreting practice with city tours job in Odessa and Odessa region. I also work as a personal assistant for foreign businessmen mostly in Odessa, providing interpreting services and assistance during their stay in Odessa.

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