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Without any doubt Kyiv is a unique city – the combination of truly unique and sometimes contradictory things makes it an attractive destination for tourists and businessmen, students and older people. Any kind of traveller can find here something of interest. Kyiv combines the thousands years of history and traces of the very recent Soviet history, which has set an inerasable stamp upon the city and the whole country. And right across the corner of all this you will find a completely modern features and parts of the city ( huge business and commercial centers, high technologies and rich night life).

Kiev used to be the cradle of Russian orthodox culture and the center of education for the whole Kiev Rus starting from the 11th century, when the city was ruled by Yaroslav the Wise, one of the most prominent leaders of Kiev Rus times.

Find time and walk to Kiev Golden Gate monument, where the city started many centuries ago, then go on to St.Sophia Cathedral, former monastery with its square which served the place for public gatherings and voting in old times. Pass graceful Mikhailovsky Cathedral and walk down St.Andrew’s decent, one of the oldest streets in Kyiv. Apart from souvenir shopping, which will be inavitabe here, it will give you a great opportunity to see local crafts and arts, chat with local artists and dine at one of the traditional restaurants in the peaceful air, but at the same time in the heart of the city.  And finally go down to one the quitest and oldest district of Ukrainian capital – Podil. If you are lucky to find a good local guide, he can walk you through its quite streets for hours and never run out of stories and legends connected with them.

If you are planing holidays to Ukraine and into museums, here Kyiv (ru: Kiev) has a lot to offer as well: from historic and World War II museum to modern art galleries and most unusual collections (for example, the collection of miniatire toilets by one of the Kiyv businessmen).

Don’t think that Kyiv (ru: Kiev) is all about ancientness and golden domed cathedrals. During the recent years Ukraine’s capital has become a vibrant culture life desination, not only of national, but also international scale. The city hosts a number of international film festivals each year – the biggest ones are Molodist film festival and Odessa film festival, as well as the number of film festivals from different countries of the world. The vibrant music scene of Kyiv (ru: Kiev) hosts more and more world stars every year, and numerous music festivals throughout the year featuring all genres from jazz and classics to rock and electronic music, attract visitors of all tastes in all seasons.

More and more businessmen get acquainted with Ukrainian capital due to a number of big international trade exhibitions and seminars, which are held here during the whole year. The convenient location of the country between Europe and Eastern world, as well as rapidly developing new businesses, is the reason for that.

And lastly, whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you will find here true and unchangeable hospitality of Ukrainian people. Kyiv (Kiev) can be a very busy business city, but at the same time a very relaxing place to have a great fun and unforgettable time!

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