Interpreter and have been providing tourist services such as City tours, Russian Interpreter and Ukrainian interpreter assistance and airport transfers during more than 2 years.

Serving tourists from different countries from allover the world (USA, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and more) and we are happy to be usefull providing support and to let the world know more about our country The Ukraine.

We thank all our clients who we had a chance to work with, and we are always ready to help you again.

If you have used our service and would like to share your experience with others who are going to visit Ukraine, you are very welcome to leave your personal references.

Manager in Ukraine
Head interpreter
Alina Potter

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  1. Rune says:

    I used go2ua. com in connection with a holiday to Ukraine. The service, which included organising transport and translation services, was absolutely flawless and I can only recommend other visitors coming to Ukraine – be it for business or pleasure – to use their services.

    • Bimoo says:

      I was in Kiev just for pleasure. I wanted to see Kiev a bit and buy some tourist gifts while I was there to take home to my family. I told Julia what I wanted and she took me right to the shops to find just what i was looking for as requested. Her English was very good. She was very polite and did a very good job.
      Anything I wanted to look for she took me to what she felt was the best places to find them. I requested to go some where and eat as well and she took me to just what I asked for. I was very pleased with her service. I would highly recommend to use her if you are in Ukraine and would like to see some sites as well as picking stuff up to take home. She knows Kiev very well and can find you probably anything you request. Its a very big plus that her English is quite clear and that when you request something she is very attentive to get it done. I have hired several translators and some pay little attention to what you request or run you around wasting time and adding up there time. She is not at all like that and is very trustworthy. I left a gift with her to be passed on to another for me that was not present and it was delivered as requested. So if you are looking for a trustworthy, good English speaking, polite, and attentive Interpreter I do recommend Julia. Thank you for your help Julia.

  2. Dimitros says:


    I need to tell you that I had a great time and excursion with Valerie (ID E048). She is really good guide and very polite.

    Best regards


  3. Geoff says:

    Wonderful service from Alina (the manager). Very helpful from the outset and the taxi was waiting at the airport as arranged. Very reasonable cost considering the distance from Donetsk to Mariupol. Highly recommended.

  4. I had the pleasure of Alina’s assistance for a week in Kiev while we searched for software developers. Alina was responsive, professional, flexible and extremely pleasant to deal with through all stages (the initial email exchanges, meeting setup, airport pick-up, accommodation sourcing, meetings translation, sight-seeing and general advice).
    I have used similar services in a number of countries and can wholeheartedly recommend Alina who is as good as any I have worked with.

  5. Rachel says:

    Thank you for the excellent service. Igor was an EXCELLENT driver. He also speaks excellent English. My flight was very early, so please do not punish him for being 5 mins late. It was no problem at all.

    Thank you for the excellent service. Igor was great.

  6. Rachel says:

    We had a wonderful time in Kiev. Igor was a wonderful driver. His English was good and he was also very fun and entertaining next day during a tour. I highly recommend him. Thanks again for the good service.

  7. Bob says:

    I’m back Home and realized that I never sent you a email thanking you for all the Help. I had a GREAT Trip! You and Julia were the best, when I come back and need help, you two are the one’s I’ll call. I hope you both have a good season this Summer.

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