When choosing ukrainian interpreter the question arises: which interpreter is better to higher? Freelance interpreter or an interpreter who belongs to the company providing interpreting and translation services.
There are many freelance Ukrainian interpreters nowadays. The price for their service in some cases can be lower than cost of the same service provided by interpretering company. But can you be sure that the level of the qualification of the specialist will be at the required level? Unfortunately you can learn it after a fairly long acquaintance with such Ukrainian interpreter.


Choosing a Ukrainian interpreter, who is not a member of professional translation agency, you risk to hire a specialist who would not be suitable in your case. Therefore, to avoid issues, it is better to order interpreting services in a decent translation company.
The point is that the interpretation work is fairly hard, and not everyone even graduated, can  stand all complex issues. For example, the highly skilled Ukrainian interpreter  should have a strong voice and vocal chords. The voice of the interpreter is to be used non-stop for many hours without breaks and stops. Do you believe that untrained freelance translator who has a rare practice on occasion would withstand such pressure?
Besides, Ukrainian interpreter must look worthy at the business meetings and shouldn’t lose self-control even in difficult situations and have the patience. For highqualified Ukrainian interpreter it’s prohibitively to snap, he must withstand the stress and cope with all issues. All these nuances are controlled in large translation companies, our customers are protected from this kind of unpleasant surprises.


Ukraine is multinational country and communicating with each other Ukrainians usually use two languages – Ukrainian and Russian. Therefore, depending on region or ethnicity of the person you are talking to, you may need or Ukrainian interpreter and translator or Russian interpreters and translator.

Ukrainian interpreters and English/Ukrainian/Russian translators will be more useful in carrying out official visits to Ukraine at the state level, as Ukrainian language is the official language in Ukraine and Russian is more spoken. When you visit Kiev the most common language is Russian, while cities on the West of Ukraine it’s Ukrainian. We offer professional Ukrainian interpreters / translators who speak both languages Ukrainian and Russian fluently. In the central and eastern parts of Ukraine, the Russian language is more popular, so in these regions it is more common to apply for the services of Russian interpreter / Russian translator.

It could seem that interpreters and translators in Ukraine are people of one profession. However, there is certain difference in their work. First of all interpreter do much more functionality than just translating the words: Ukrainian interpreter must also understand the whole meaning of the question and topic which is being discussed as well as consider cultural sensitivities of the participating parties, to be able to provide an interpretation with the highest accuracy on another language.

Ukrainian interpreter facial can use expressions and body language, while Ukrainian translator is deprived of such opportunities. That’s why Ukrainian translator should have particular experience and to know features of literary language to be able to translate proverbs and catch phrases for instance. So work of interpreter and translator varies in a certain way.

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